Thursday, April 2, 2009

Imam Suhaib Webb's Message For the Seeker's of Guidance

I stumbled upon this on Imam Suhaib Webb's blog.

It's a free online class taking place this Saturday 5 EST/ 4 Central titled For the Seeker's of Guidance. Imam Suhaib Webb is basing the 1.5 hour mini course on Imam Zaid Shakir's translation of "Risalah al Mustarshideen"-I'm not sure what that is but if its the works of Imams Suhaib Webb and Zaid Shakir it's going to be worth my time inshallah.

I credit Imam Suhaib Webb for the passion I developed to learn more about my faith as a young teenager. For me Imam Suhaib Webb's lectures were the most exciting thing about those Chicago ISNA conventions. Unfortunately as an adult I don't always carry the enthusiasm and passion I once had for learning, but I look forward to reigniting that fire! God knows those were good days.

So check it out with me!


Maher said...

Off topic :
am sorry but u are my only NFL Friend lol

eshda3wa said...

first time ill hear of him

will check it out!

asoom said...

maher, really? I'm you're ONLY NFL friend?? gotta get some new friends maher! Yea I don't really follow the drafts but that looks good for the bears offense!

eshda3wa,he's amazing!