Thursday, March 19, 2009

Three Days Internet Diet

It's been three whole days! Three (and-a-half) whole days since I checked my gmail, google reader, blog, hotmail, university emails, and even my facebook!

In fact, I only got online a minute here and there to look up a store address or get a restaurant phone number. The internet is great and all for specific purposes, but this detox period made me see how much I can actually do when I don't aimlessly surf the net for hours......such as aimlessly walking along the river for hours-hey at least that's physical activity! Or I can mindlessly talk on the phone for hours; no matter how trivial the subjects we're conversing about are, it's still human bonding-an essential need that people have.

So what's the longest time you've gone refraining from all tools of virtual communication voluntarily? If you can't recall the time then it wasn't long enough!


jaraad said...

Lucky you! I think the only time I can refrain from using my email is if I am traveling and it is never been more than 48 hours. I used to be an avid reader. I noticed recently, that I substitute reading books by browsing the internet. It is really very bad habit. I used to go by the lake and read a book now I go to a coffee shop and take my laptop with me.

KJ said...

Every time I go to Syria I detox from everything technology, TV and cell phones included

Goofy Girl said...

I would never do such a thing voluntarily ;) hehe!!

asoom said...

Jaraad, I don't think I've ever gone this long where I voluntarily didn't check my email. I used to spend hours on the net reading random stuff and on facebook. Now that the net time is more controlled I regularly go to the gym and have started reading more. Trust me reading a good book is much more fulfilling then websurfing!

KJ, and I'm sure you're trip is a lot more enriching that way!

Goofy, it's probably hard for you as a busy med student to refrain from checking your email...but when you're on a break some time and aren't anticipating any urgent news I totally recommend you do that!

Farah said...

Ummm 5 hours? LOL. No when I away for the summer I'd use the internet every week or so. But over here, I can't.

asoom said...

Farah, lol yea there was a time when as long as I was awake I wouldn't go more than a couple of hours without at least checking my email no matter where I was.