Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family conversations on booty shaking, adolescent boys, and snoring monsters

Conversation 1 at the mall
Cousin: (to baby cousin) yalla shake your booty
Aunt#1: wakto il booty? halla mish wakto il booty
Aunt#2: ya3ni lazim bil engleezi 3ashan nit'akad inno kul il nas fihmat
Cousin: booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere, booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere

Conversation 2 at the guest bedroom 6 of us sleep in
Baby Cousin: Mommy there's a monster
Aunt#2: no that's not a monster that's just aunty snoring
Baby Cousin: Mommy whose blowing their nose
Aunt#2: Noone's blowing their nose that's just aunty snoring
Baby Cousin: Mommy whose keeps saying 'whose there'
Aunt#2: Noone is saying anything anything, that's just aunty snoring

Friend: mish inti darasti fee amreeka, kan 3indik boyfriend bil jam3a?
Aunt#2 la bakayt mitzawja, zay il habla

Calling mom from airport
Me: Ok don't scream, but I just missed my flight. so I'm coming home Monday
Mom: ok. oo dalik miss flights tool 7ayatik. On Monday make sure to go to the aiport 30 minutes after your flight leaves zay ma dayman bti3mili. And make sure titfa3i another 100 dollars fee like you always do. Tayib? ooo kaman it'akadi all your luggage is overweight.

Aunts comparing adolescent sons
Aunt#2: Besides being annoying my son is really weird. Unlike my 17 yrd old daughter he has no social skills. He's 15 and a half and he's not even into girls
Me: How do you know he's not into girls?
Aunt#2: Because he doesn't spend hours locked up in the bathroom..hahahahaha (laughs at herself)
Me: Who are his friends
Aunt#2: In s3oodia (KSA) he has a couple of close friends that are all like him. All they do is play video games and they're all smelly. I'll know he's interested in girls when he starts wearing deoderant. At that point me and hubby we'll proceed to block msn and aim from the house.


KJ said...



you're nahfeh! going to the airport late LMAO

and the adolescent thing is a classic LOL!

If that's the criteria then my parents never got to know I am into girls!


Hamza said...


I never thought that women and aunts want their sons to be like that. mosh tabe3eeee

HAHAHAHAHA @ "booty booty"

secratea said...

LOOOOOOL at " Mommy whose keeps saying 'whose there'"... Asoom, you should have made a spooky "who's there" and followed it with a "ha ha ha"... I wonder what would have happened to the poor boy in that case LOOOOL

pure evil, i know :P

Halawa said...

Ahahahaha!! Booty booty LOL... Trust me, I know how embarrassing it can be when the whole familia gets together... and it causes extra attention and double head-turns since all my cousins, siblings etc. speak English... LOL, people back home in Jordan would stare wide-eyed or some guys would start mocking us (that wouldn't last too long when my brother was around.. he's super-7ami)..

Hahahaha... the adolescence.. "he doesn't spend hours locked up in the bathroom" *stops abruptly* O_o
Mom's actually joke about stuff like this? *grimaces*..

suha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA that was th emost hilarious thing ever. Sounds a lot like my family.

The adolescent thing ad the airport thing god that was hilarious
booty booty lmao

tee dimensionist said...


I just got here through Organica's blog and enjoyed this post a whole lot. Funny funny : )

I'll be back to read some more!

All the best to you!

asoom said...

KJ, glad you enjoyed it. Dude what is up with you syrians and not wearing deoderant?

Hamza, the conversation was abour her concern of her son's antisocialness and not so much the girl thing..I was just quoting what I thought was most funny.

Secratea, hahaha well it's a baby girl not a boy...but you know waht she's so whiny that if I did that she would have cried for hours after and then I would have been kicked out of the room and made to sleep in the hall

asoom said...

Halawa, yea dude my family is pretty crazy....they joke about all kindso f things normal moms wouldn't joke aout

Suha, booty booty booty I already know you're pretty crazy are you saying you get it from yoru family? loool

tee, welcome to my blog..glad you enjoyed it!