Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I was warned about this, but not prepared

Tomorrow at 9AM I have my NINTH and last final. It's 11PM and I don't know jack, but I don't care. I've had it, I'm done! I did well on most of them, I bombed 2.

I've given up my last 3 weekends, I've given up sleep, I've given up a Jason Mraz concert (I'm still crying over that), I've given up Eid, I've given up an invitation from hot jordanian guy. I've also been quite the needy crybaby, I scroll down my phonebook and find people to call and cry to. The last classmate I vented to got on my nerves when she said "hey these are just the sacrifices that we have to make". No, I can't that easily accept that I have to sacrifice life 90% of the time.

In other major news, I'm seriously considering taking time off of school for a semester for a number of reasons I probably won't get into on this blog. I just need some time before I get back into this.

Tomorrow evening I'll be in Southern California. I'm not even excited. I'm not in the mood to be thrown into a family reunion situation and have to be around so many people that I haven't seen in a while all at once. I need to recover first. I just want to lock myself away from the world for a few days to sleep, workout, watch Scrubs reruns, read, and sleep.


Anonymous said...

I have always seen you, through your posts, as a strong very motivated person..Am sure you will be fine, just don't make any decisions regarding school..Sleep, rest and relax first then I bet you'll feel different..
Ba3dein, shou "hot jordanian guy" ? this is the first time I read about him..we demand "tafaseel"..loool I don't know why am becoming so very "7ashoura"..
Anyways, enjoy your stay in California and have fun :)

secratea said...

Asoom, good luck on your last exam!
I totally agree with Noura, don't rush into any decisions regarding school while your under finals pressure. Believe me, the thought of quitting school has came to my mind a million times, especially when i'd be under severe anxiety, but then, once the pressure is relieved, I'd laugh at myself! that's just the state all students have to live till they complete their degrees!

yes, focus on Cali for the moment.. enjoy the break! :-D

Goofy Girl said...

Best of luck on the last exam :)

Make sure to just tell people you've had a rough end of the year and you need a little bit of time alone. I think they would understand! :) If not you warned em!

Hamza said...

well, I won't blame you if you took time off school. Its just too much stress. But wait till the vacation is over and then decide.

As for your exams, I am sure you are doing your best so don't cry over spilled milk. :)

asoom said...

Noura, awwwww you're too sweet! I would like to return to school next semester but a lot has happened this semester that complicated things for me. Is this the first you're hearing of Jot Jordanian Guy? He's been mentioned on my blog since I started school!

secratea, I just feel like I didn't prepare well enough for this and I got off on the wrong foot at the start of the semester which sent everything else in the wrong direction. Focusing on the moment is where I'm at now, thanks!

Goofy, yea if I do end up taking off I'm going to think of the formal announcement to make to my peeps so noone makes wrong assumptions and stuff.

Hamza, that's good advice....but sometimes that milk likes to permanently stain your clothes and follow into your future.