Sunday, December 21, 2008

Los Angeles Famous Restaurants: Ketchup

Ketchup is another restaurant owned by the Ashton Kutcher and gang group (AKA the Dolce group). This one sits on Sunset BLVD in West LA. If you regularly watch The Hills you may have seen LC dining here. This place has a more fun, casual feel with a totally Hollywood-themed menu. I stole the below picture from; the rest are mine.

I was most excited to have dinner at Ketchup for what their famous for: the appetizer known as the 3 some. It's 3 different types of fries-spicy cajun, sweet potato, and thick cut, with 5 different types of ketchup dips-mango, maple, ranch, chipotle, and classic. They should seriously consider bottling up those ketchups and selling them; I would totally buy at least the maple and the ranch.

My cousin got the Shake N Bake: a pistachio-crusted chicken in a rasbery-dijon sauce. The best thing about the dish was the pistachio covering and the sauce, so I liked to just chip off the pistachio crust and stir it in the sauce to eat over the actual chicken.

I was disappointed that they didn't have what I really wanted, The Wharf which is a Chilean sea bass dish; So I settled for the grilled mahi mahi. The food was good but in all honestly doesn't compare to the black cod from The Geisha House.

Dinner at Ketchup was a good experience. I would definitely go back but I think we would order a few appetizers/soups/salads over any entrees. The 3 some was very satisfying and they had a lot of cool sounding stuff on the menu like the parmesan-garlic ring tower and scandalous lobster wraps.


suha said...

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? lol this is torture I tell ya TORTURE!!

Forcing me to see tasty delicious fatty food without immediatley putting it in my mouth.
oooh lookie at the succulent fries!
I want to devour all the dishes with my bare hand, using the multiple forces of virtual monkey fists.
Yeah as you can tell by now it's after 7

Goofy Girl said...

I've heard of this place! Looks like a fun time :)

Hamza said...

among the reviews you did, I think I like this the most..and what's with you and checking all ashton kutcher resturant? get over the fact that you won't spot him there. :P

asoom said...

Suha, LOOOOL. You know what I'd do if I were you? I'd reward myself to some fries for breakfast for following the no eating after 7 room....keep doing that until the rule because habit for you.

Goofy, I had never heard of it before looking up restaurants and reading was awesome though!

Hamza, Honestly I actually didn't know that Ashton owns this one (or the Geisha House) before deciding I wanted to go there...I thought he only had a part in Dolce.