Monday, December 15, 2008

The following is NOT a healthy food item

a) Granola Bars. As well as most breakfast bars.

b) Things that say "fat free" on them. The regular item in moderation is probably better for you than the fat free version with all that fake stuff in it.

c) Fruit juices. Even if it says made with real fruit.

d) Diet Sodas

e) Fig Newtons

f) Falafel

G) Mansaf

H) Ranch and Caesar salad dressing

I) Baked Potato

What you eat is your business, but don't claim to be "healthy" around me if this is what you consider healthy food. Especially if I gained a couple pounds while staying at your house; it'll really annoy me. Just because it's not fried and it's not a desert, it doesn't mean it's healthy. I need to give my aunt a kitchen makeover.


jaraad said...

Alert: You listed “Mansaf” as a “NOT healthy food item”.
You have offended many Mansaf lovers. Especially expatriates who are not indulged in eating mansaf every Friday after Jum3a prayer or during special events such as weddings, or a PhD holder returning from USA, or elections (any elections actually), or Tawjihi, etc. In the U.S., Jordanian single expatriates eat mansaf only when a kind and generous family treats them for a dinner. I was enraged seeing mansaf as a not healthy food in your list :-)
Joke aside; I never expected some of these items to be unhealthy. I always buy “fat free” food and drink orange juice instead of diet soda.

secratea said...

well well ya Asoom, they are spoiling ya in their own unhealthy way :-D

I do agree that the items on your list aren't as healthy as an apple, but still, they aren't junk :P

asoom said...

jaraad, I knew someone would call me out on this one....khalas I owe you mansaf. Careful with the OJ, it's full of sugar so don't drink too much of it.

Secratea, they're not spoiling as much as that's the way they eat on a regular basis....this is actually what they consider to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Asoom I know why I gained weight :P

KJ said...

Who the hell gains weight on falafel?!

asoom said...

Noura, but you know you can make everything work in moderation!

KJ, ummmmm it's fried flour!