Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Staying up=Late to work every single day

Loooooooooooooooooong day at work. Didn't get to leave the office until 8 today.

I embarassingly found out yesterday that I was in fact hired as a full-time employee and I'm being trained to take the place of the only full-timer on the support team. My lazyass cannot wake up early and has been coming in at like 11 and 12, apparently I'm supposed to be in embarassing!

The problem why I've been finding it so hard to get up early is probably because I've been staying up so late. At 10PM I'm in the mood to watch TV or talk on the phone, not sleep! However, I don't want to be known for coming in to work late every day-so that's got to change. Luckily today by 9:00 PM today I was just soooo sleepy. I guess that happened because I played mind tricks on my own brain and convinced myself I will be up at 7:30.

So by 9:45 I was in my pjs, Isha prayed, face washed, and teeth brushed. I was getting pretty excited just thinking that tomorrow I'm going to have no problem getting up early and making it on time to work. I'm going to reward myself with a tall sugar-free vanilla soy latte. Nevermind that that's what I get everyday anyway, tomorrow it'll feel super special when it's actually being consumed in the morning.

I was checking my email as I do before going to bed when when the phone vibrated. It was Suzy! I haven't seen her for some time cause she was out of town and just let me tell you.....when Suzy goes out of town so does my social life.

Suzy: Wanna go to IHOP?

How could I say no? I had like the most boring weekend ever. I just don't get to see people anymore....everyone's gone! It's depressing when you go for too many days without getting to see friends. So of course by the time I got back I lost all feeling of sleepiness, and now I'm sitting here on my lazyass blogging about it.

If I end up going to work late tomorrow, I'm going to make up a story about how I got in my car to find that this stray cat had found its way into my car and gave birth to a litter of kittens. So like I had to spend time trying to look for their mama because they missed her and then I couldn't find her. So I had to go and take them to the shelter which wasn't open yet. So I had to wait for it to open and then I had to take my car to be emergency cleaned because it was nasty...and that's why I was late to work.


queenie said...

Wow, that's some alibi! It's definitely believable though, just prepare to retell it to everyone at the office, it'll be the story of the day!

secratea said...

IHop after midnight is something me and the roomies frequently do.

maybe you should just try turning off all electronic gadget that link you to anything other than sleep.. you see, if your cleephone was switched off, Suzi wouldn't have been able to reach you min el2awwal!

and that cat story is believable, go for it if you need to lol :-D

Goofy Girl said...

So did you have to use your story?

Getting used to an earlier time is so yuck. :(

KJ said...

I thought the cat already gave birth to a litter in the benz :P