Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clearly you don't like me, I get it

You decided we weren't going to be friends from the beginning and I felt it by the way you looked at me. Well thankfully your approval matters very little to me. I can succesfully go about my business without it.

You'd like to pass yourself off as the tough girl, but your insecurities are so obvious to me. You always have to surround yourself with your alibis. You cannot sit in a room alone with me. You don't even have the guts to be direct with me. You've passively aggressivly tried to undermine my work. You've also singled me out.

Although I don't obsess over why, I think I know what your problem is. I have an idea or two. Something about me makes you sad. I'm not someone you can impress. Nor am I someone that finds the details of your life captivating. I also don't find the people you roll with interesting. Obviously it's out of your comfort zone to socialize with people like me; stories is all you've got. I remind you too much of what you don't have.

Well chika, you've picked the wrong girl to hate on. You're only making things hard on yourself.

Ironically, my best friend admitted she felt some of the same things from some of the same folks. I can't wait for tomorrow when she comes back to work after her vacation. It'll be my first day working with her. Asoom & Angela Takeover!

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His Sweetheart said...

I hate it when girls act weirdos!