Sunday, April 12, 2009

He found my blog!

Me: u found my blog didn't you

Him: why do you say that babe

Me: Come on I know. why didn't you tell me

Him: No I didn't find anything u r paranoid.

Me: Swear to god that you didn't? I'm 95% certain you did

Him: Why do you think this


Yup, he found it!

If anything good comes out of this babe, it'll be that you now feel pressured into getting me a ring from Tiffany's.

RELAX, because I was just kidding.


eshda3wa said...

no ur not


queenie said...

Haha! How did you know he knew?

secratea said...

I bet he found the blog from that love letter you once sent him and then posted it here! mish sa7??? :-D

you know, after thinking about it, he should get you that Tiffany's ring or it will forever and ever haunt him wherever he goes muahhahaha

Goofy Girl said...

:) Hehe! Hopefully he gets you what your heart desires!

asoom said...

eshda3wa, hahahaha, but no haraam I'll be happy with what he decides to get me!

queenie, my blog tracker

secratea, well he knew that I blogged because we talked about blogs and I told him I obviously he did some research but how exactly he found it I'm still not sure.

Goofy, as long as I have him I'll be happy

Anonymous said...

Sooo, do we have to watch we say now ? U think he checks it and reading our comments ?

Khateebah la asoom:
This is a girly corner, stay out looool

asoom said...

Noura ya noura, you guys are's me who will be watching what I say from now on ;)

No lol j/k, 3adi!

Hamza said...

I don't know why the girls are supporting you for the "Tiffany's ring" although you don't even have a picture for it.

you girls are unbelievable

asoom said...

Hamza I can't wait until you're engaged and your girl starts blogging. I'll be her first fan