Friday, April 24, 2009

May 7th couldn't get here soon enough

My honey bunch takes his last final of his last semester of law school on May 7th and I can't wait. I'm going to be happier than him and maybe even happier than his mama and his grandma. You'd think I was the one who just a got a law degree.

Ok I admit my reasons are partly selfish. I can't wait for him to be not so completely consumed by something that has nothing to do with me....not so mentally preoccupied. And baby although you said you wouldn't, I really need you to do something about all of these traffic tickets other than telling me I need to pay them. Also I understand it's your graduation, but I think you should get me a present.

Regardless, I'll start the zaghareet from today......lalalalalalalaleeeeeeesshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


secratea said...

what's up with the traffic tickets? did you get them while visiting him or something? lol
now I'm with you on this: those tickets, he has to take care of. but the present.. hmm, i don't know. maybe you have to get it for him this time. It's his graduation after all lol :)

and alf alf mabrook the graduation, 3u2baal he passes his bar exam :))

KJ said...

legally blond Jordanian Edition

asoom said...

secratea, no those tickets are unrelated to him but come on now I should be able to take advantage of his legal expertise. Ya3ni I know I'm supposed to pay them...shoo stafadit. Of course I'll be getting him something but still, I think I should get a present too for being so patient and understanding!

KJ, hahahahaha