Saturday, January 31, 2009

3 Doors Down put on one hell of a show!

First of all, Brad Arnold is really cute in person. Second of all, we were RIGHT THERE!

Despite the TPT (trailer park trash), the fact that we were the only non-white people there (except for the few mexicans), the drunk 45 year olds who think they're 22, and the confederate flag stickers on everyone's bumper-this was one of the best concerts I ever went to.

I always wondered if bands get tired and resentful of having to play the same songs and put on the exact same show night after night, but these guys sung and played with so much passion and energy. In terms of performance, it was perfect!

It was all worth it....the overpriced ticket, driving to a different city, the calf cramps I'm going to have because I stood on my feet for 3 hours in 5 inch heels, the cold shivers...I'd do it again!

I have some awesome video clips to share but blogger is giving me a hard time uploading so I'll try again tomorrow...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I can guess, I mean 3 doors down rox!!
i envy you! :(

Goofy Girl said...

ooo looks like it was fun :)

KJ said...

why WHY do you wear those inchers if you KNOW you're gonna be standing!


Hamza said...

KJ- asoom forgot to tell the public that she is a midget. that's why she wears high heels. :P

suha said...

awww looks like fun covered fun fun fun

Maher said...


omg...i think this was the most intense 5 min of my life..

asoom said...

wings, welcome to my blog

goofy, sure was

KJ, well in my defense I didn't know it was outdoors and that I would be standing...but honestly it was a good thing I wore those or else I wouldn't be able to see over people's heads

Hamza, again, how'd you know I was a midget?

Suha sure was now put them on ur music blog

Maher, I was just thinking about you wondering what you thought of the game..that was AWESOME!!!!! but honestly I was rooting for the cardinals cause they were hte underdogs

inmotion said...

i want to upload your 3 doors down videos to my facebook pro :D

i'll link them

i absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 3 doors down ..

i think i was white trailer park trash in a past life hehehehe

His Sweetheart said...

I wanna see!!

I haven't heard them before!

asoom said...

inmotion, wallahi facebook is way worse than blogger when it comes to uploading vids!

HIS, you're kidding right? you don't know 3 doors down?????????