Monday, January 5, 2009

I Promise....

to be a better friend, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, grandaughter, student, classmate, roommate, neighbor, caring world citizen.... soon as this week is over. For right now though, I have to be in my own bubble, just me God and my mom. Uffff and the situation in Gaza really doesn't help :(


Maher said...

Dude, Are you following the playoffs?
Honestly I cant wait for tonights game,
The Giants vs The Eagles..
Eli Manning vs McNabb!

The other day i had a dream about me and Peyton Manning hanging out and taking pictures :P

asoom said...

Maher, LOOOOOL you know I occasionally have such dreams with Reggie Bush.

Honestly though since the Saints never made it and since the Dolphins were out round 1 I have no more teams :(

Maybe I should be an Eagles fan considering Philly was once my hometown...I just never liked them very much. Tab why don't you give me the important highlights!

Ba3dain did you buy me my gift yet?

Maher said...

yes I have an idea of what i wanna get you as a gift..
you know what..i'll let you choose it..

pick one from this list :P

PS : Check out the coool stuff ro Reggie!

asoom said...

Maher, lol that's just what I need...some ugly barbie dolls.

Maher said...

a barbie doll? lol

this one is made for you

asoom said...

yea I've seen that commercial before it totally cracked me up the first time!