Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's talk about the playoffs

Whose watching? I actually haven't been. My teams either never made it or were out the first round. I started watching TV again last Thursday and my limited scheduled TV time has been the first half of the evening news for the war on Gaza update and some Bravo show reruns (Real Housewives of Atlanta yall)...but let's talk about the playoffs.

So we got the Baltimore Ravens, the Tennessee Titans, the San Diego Chargers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and the 2 big ones which playing each other tonday are the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.

Notice that with the exception of the Giants, previous Super Bowl contenders and winners Chicago Bears, Indiana Colts, and New England Patriots whom set records last year are not in the running. This is what's so great about the NFL and why it's a million times cooler than soccer, you just never know what's going to happen! One of the very worst one year can be one of the very best the next (New Orleans Saints are a great example); there's no Brazil here!

The Giants had it last year, so I'm predicting this year will go to a former home-team of mine: The Eagles! Unfortunately I won't even get to catch most of the Giants Vs. Eagles game which just started, so I'm relying on Maher for the exciting recap.

It should be known to all that Bears fan Maher made a bet with me on this post of KJ's that if the New Orleans Saints even made ONE touchdown against the Chicago Bears on their previous December 10th game he's getting me a gift. Well guess what? That game ended with a tie of 24-24!


Maher said...

a tie?! OMG! You must be kidding me!
A Tie..ya 7abebe!!

a typical saints fan! hahahaha!

I have to admit one thing though..American so much fun than soccer. (thats coming from a pro soccer fan)

once you get used to the rules..Then Bang you cant get enough of it!

regarding the playoffs, i am predicting a Ravens/Chargers Finale but i wish McNabb a ring too!

Did you get the chance to watch Florida vs Oklahoma? That was a wicked game!

still waiting on the update! :P

asoom said...

Maher.....yes the Bears did win after the granted ovetime but when the formal game ended it was a tie!

I'm still betting on the Eagles dude. Inshallah next Sunday I'll actually get to watch the games.

As far as Florida vs. I've always hated college football because I've lived in a couple of major college football towns and it's never the college I went to so I ended up just hating that team. I'm surrounded by fricking gators fans so I can't stop hearing about that game.

suha said...

yeah i don't watch much of sports but i laughed at this post and comments

asoom said...

suha, it's ok I'll convert you into a Saints fan then you can start watching with us!

Anonymous said...

LOL, have you seen the bet made on the late night show with jay leno on this game?

asoom said...

nizar....hmm nope I didnt, I'm not a leno fan!