Saturday, January 17, 2009

Conversations on Gaza

I was taken off guard when the other day over dinner my very White very southern very Republican girlfriend asked me to explain to her the situation in Gaza...she stumbled as she said 'gaza' as if she wasn't sure she was pronouncing it right. I did my best to narrate the events in a way that will instill in her the proper concern and anger. She actually understood more than I expected her to!

Last night in a car ride back from the movies with 2 non-arab friends of mine we discussed our jadedness with politicians. One of the girls, NOT ME, used the Obama administration's hesitation on commenting on the situation in Gaza as an example of why they don't actually care about people but it's all about politics.

Although it won't bring peace, it's nice to see the non-usuals giving a damn!


KJ said...

that's a good thing! we need such people when we, citizens, rule the universe!

suha said...

but not as many care as much as they should have. Not to be a pessimistic prick but there should have been an uproar going on in the foreign countries, not at all what i expected. said...

totally! It's like you feel the world is changing, finally, and all it takes is that one neat person :)