Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's a shopaholic? A serious post...really!

"The term shopaholic used to mean someone who liked to shop, maybe a little too much. Now being a shopaholic may mean that you are a compulsive shopper who spends beyond your limits, buys things you have no use for, and uses shopping as a way to feel better temporarily.

Some believe that the compulsive shopper or shopaholic is actually suffering from an addiction. Addiction is defined as having a compulsion to a commit a behavior, being unable to stop a behavior, and continuing the behavior despite harmful consequences. Research now shows that addictive behavior often provides a momentary lift in mood. A flood of “good feeling” producing hormones rewards a shopaholic. Unfortunately the lift is not permanent, and the shopaholic must go out and shop more in order to find the next boost in hormones.

In a sense, when one is shopping, they are given a few moments of good mood. This is a momentary mental reward. So it encourages one to repeat the pattern in order to feel that “high” produced by shopping and purchasing."

Do I have a problem? I can avoid going to the mall and the fact I just don't like the thought of shopping-it's tiresome. However, once I'm actually there....well...I'm there!

It's the need of one item that sends me shopping; this weekend that need was a pair of everyday sandals to replace the ones I broke; however, the mannequins, the discovery of new designers, the sale of the sale, the sparkly displays, Neiman Marcus clearance, the unique accessories, Michael Kors....I just lose control...or rather I don't see the need to exercise any control when the $150 BCBG blouse I admired last season is now $40 and the sandals I wanted come with a buy 1 get 1 half off deal. And sure, I do get a little "high" with every exciting find.

The frustration of having spent approximately one month's rent during a spontaneous trip to the outlet mall had me sifting through bags picking through things to return. However I just couldn't do it. The more expensive items are things I really want that I know are going to be useful in my wardrobe...and I just feel like it's senseless to go return a pair of jeans at Banana Republic that I only paid $20 for or a button-down linen from Gap that I only paid $15 for.

My roomie's jaw dropped as I was taking the bags out of the car. "I thought you were just getting shoes?"..."I know I'm going to have to return some stuff". After seeing either how awesome-looking or cheap each piece I got she agreed that nothing is return worthy; she's not even close to a shopaholic so her opinion is pretty valid here. "Just don't buy any clothes for a while".

That sounds fair enough. Still though....I feel a little sick.


Anonymous said...

la2, don't feel sick wala shi !! For these prices it is a shame not to buy..Like your friend said, don't buy anything for a while..

I love the black dressy shoes, I have one exactly like it.. am gonna go look for it and dig it up and wear it tomorrow..

I was at the mall yesterday, but didn't buy any clothes, I gained a couple of pounds, I will wait until I lose them inshallah ya rabbi in the near future :D anyways, bath and body works had clearance I treated myself to a couple of shower gels and creams..

yalla enjoy your new items w alf mabrook :)

KJ said...

No dear, I guess it's pretty much normal.

Look on the bright side, the more you buy, the more stuff you have to give to charity a few weeks down the road when you realize you won't ever wear/use half the stuff you didn't return

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

*Shocked* *_*

Sapphire said...

Wow! :-O

Goofy Girl said...

Wow, that's one shopping trip!!

Hamza said...

I think you need rehabilitation. try living in africa for some time. ;)

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