Sunday, February 1, 2009

Squirming under my coffee table: WHAT A GAME!


Seriously I'll be honest for most of the game I was bored, but man that last few minutes was INTENSE!!!!

I wasn't looking forward to this game because Steelers VS. Cardinals just sounds boring. Last year's Patriots VS. Giants sounded way more exciting. Nevertheless, much to the dismay of fellow blogger and NFL fan inmotion, I was rooting for the Arizona Cardinals because they've never been to the Super Bowl and I'm all about the underdogs. Also, I have lots of folks in AZ so I thought I'd show them love. Don't worry I'm still a Saints fan so don't hate me.

Both teams played awesome. The Steelers made the longest run in Super Bowl history and the Cardinals made the biggest jump in Super Bowl history. I don't know howthe other NFL junkie-Maher was feeling those last 2 minutes but I was squirming with my head under the coffee table because I just couldn't take the suspense.

Congratulations Steelers!


inmotion said...

in my heart .. i knew they won :D

Maher said...

OMG!! What a freaking awesome game!
I was rooting for The Steelers and Big Ben!
When The Cards scored that freaking Touchdown..with only 2:59 minutes left...All i was praying for is reach the Field goal zone so the steelers could Tie the game and force the Overtime!

Then Big Ben Throws that 78 Yard pass and the whole Place erupted!

Me and a couple of my friends went nutts. you should have seen the look at the Cards Fans..Pricless!!!

but it was fun...basically the last 5 min was the whole game haha

And they tell is much more fun than American football :s

asoom said...

inmotion, I think most people knew they would!

Maher, what are we going to do with our lives now that the season is over?