Thursday, October 1, 2009

on being extremely homesick

I just got off an almost 2 hour long phone conversation with one of my friends/classmates who is extremely homesick; I mean extremely homesick like to the point where I'm so genuinely worried about her well-being. It's kind of funny because I've had this very same conversation like twice today with 2 different other classmates. Our class this year is so effing.......................just plain sucky! high school with adults. I don't feel the support system I felt a year ago.

Back to my friend, she says this place is so different from home and she can't get comfortable. She can't be herself in these surroundings and she's constantly walking on a tight rope, it's mentally tiring! The difference between me and her is that I still try. I have just accepted that I can be close friends with someone who believes in a completely different thing than I do. Someone that lives a completely different lifestyle than me. I can take them for what they can give me and just enjoy the comforts we can give each other as friends. This isn't like your hometown. We don't have to understand where we're coming from. We don't have to totally relate to one another, we just have to relate enough and once you can accept that you start moving into your comfort zones with people.

She says she just can't do that. That'll just add to her feeling like she's fake and not genuine. As much as I tried to convince her out of that mindest, I actually feel the exact same way she's feeling many times.

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