Monday, September 28, 2009

Off on Jewish holidays!

I go to a school where we get Jewish holidays off. I also have to really hope that Eid falls on a weekend so that I can actually go to Eid prayer without worrying about taking a makeup exam for the one I missed. While EVERYONE and their mama gets to go home for Christmas, I have to limit how much time I spend talking on the phone with distant family and friends wishing them a happy Eid. Don't even get me started about the month of Ramadan and school, that's like an entire blog all together. I would take it to capitol hill and make a case out of it, or maybe just the assistant dean's office, but I don't have energy to battle like I used to. I'll leave the activism for the next generation.

Nevertheless, I'm quite grateful to have today off to do some catching up. Happy Yom Kippur for those that celebrate!


queenie said...

My old university used to have Jewish holidays off, and we never got any Eid holidays off even though Muslim students outnumbered the Jewish students! Apparently, the Senate had passed a motion to take the Jewish holidays off like ten years ago and never revisited the issue.

asoom said...

Queenie..oh wow I thought it was just us! Well in our case the Jewish students/faculty outnumber us by far...if it was the other way around they would have heard something by now!