Sunday, October 4, 2009

This one is for Maher: a football post

The wonderful Maher, an ex-blogger, has a pattern of stopping by this blog once in a blue moon. That blue moon usually occurs during football season sometime around Monday. He'll usually ignore the nature of the latest post and leave a comment regarding his take on yesterday's round of games and his prediction for the next :)

Maher is a very nice kid, but one thing really bothers me is that he doesn't have very much faith in the ability of my team: The New Orleans Saints! I do realize we don't have the most impressive history. I mean we've never been to a Super Bowl and God Almighty knows we've had some shameful seasons-but that's all history. We're actually a pretty good team!

Maher was surprised when last week the Saints made a minced meat pie out of the Philadelphia Eagles who've had their share of championships. That placed the Saints at 3 wins and ZERO losses. Then he went on to say that he believes the New York Jets, who also have an impressive record like the Eagles, will be the Saints first loss. I didn't respond and just pretended to not be offended. One of my colleagues is a tough kid from Brooklyn who is a die-hard Jets fan; he even admitted to me that he was nervous about the game because the Saints were "pretty good". Both teams went in to the game today thus far undefeated.

People said the Eagles would beat us, the Bills would beat us, the Jets would beat us. People say the Saints are all about Drew Brees, we're all about offense. Well today definitely wasn't Drew Brees' greatest day, nor was it Reggie Bush's. We just proved that we have some pretty monster players with not very famous names and a pretty kickass defense.

Well Maher, the New Orleans Saints just gave the New York Jets their first loss of the season by beating them 24-10! You were mistaken my dear friend. I wonder, do you still believe the Jets are going to the superbowl this year?


Maher said...

you must be kidding me ? The eagle didnt have McNabb! Imagine the saints without Brees? the jets were having a bad day.

The bears always owned the saints so most of the game i watched for the saints were against the bears :P

Show me what you got against The Giants and Eli, Win..and you got my blessings lol

PS : Maher the going to get engaged this Friday :P

asoom said...

Yea Maher...did you watch the game against the Giants, trust me they did without very much contribution from Brees. It definitely was not Brees' game, it was all about our defense this time and they proved they're mure than just an offense team!