Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Sunday football trash talk yall

Two undefeated teams, The New York Giants and my team the New Orleans Saints, went into the dome for the week 6 NFL game of the season. Only one could come of it still undefeated. NO, it wasn't the team that took the Super Bowl victory two years ago. It was the absolutely amazing SAINTS who have never even been to the Super Bowl. They beat NY by some really embarassing number that I'll spare you from. Let's just say the Saints tied a record number of touchdowns. I was embarassed for the opposition just watching this game.

The Saints are UNDEFEATED 5-0, do you have anything you'd like to say Maher?

Mr.Brooklyn is my die-hard Jets fan classmate who thought'd it'd be nice to send me a congratulatory sms after the game only to proceed to do some trash-talking.

Brooklyn: Asoom taking out BOTH new york teams! lol mabrook

Asoom: lol. U New Yorkers can't take a little bit of heat?

Brooklyn: (NY) Giants are a disgrace (NY) Jets only allowed you guys one td. Giants allowed you guys twenty.

Asoom: We tied a record today with those touchdowns. Brees wasn't playing too well in the (NY) Jets game and we still managed to win. Don't hate we totally earned that win.

Brooklyn: Brees wasn't playing cuz our defense was up his ass. Don't hate you guys won that game cuz of our rookie qb mistakes.

Asoom: Saints won because our defense kicked ass all around

Brooklyn: Easy now don't get too ahead of yourselves

An hour later......

Brooklyn: Brady threw 5 td passes in first half lol Brees record will be broken

Asoom: Dude you're playing a 1-4 team!

Brooklyn: Not my fault. Don't hate.


queenie said...

*whoosh* All of that totally went over my head. So, congrats I guess? ;)

asoom said...

queenie, come on girly you gotta get into it--it's so much fun!

inmotion said...

I like the Giants but khalas go home ya3ne ..

Saints did really well yesterday.

I'll tell you this .. yesterday was football as it should be!

asoom said...

I don't know why the GIants played soooo bad that day....the Saints have been doing well all season and I hope that we get our first Super Bowl!

Yesterday was a good football day...I'm so glad the steelers beat the vikings!