Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Where the Kardashians go clubbing"

I don't go to bars, and I don't go clubbing. First, why would I pust myself in a situation where I would feel so out of place? Just so I can say I've been there? Staghfurallah yall! Second, I don't drink so I don't have fun around a whole bunch of people who are drinking...nor would they think it's fun to be around me.

What's interesting that in my college town a few of the people that I've chose to surround myself with, those that I can feel most comfortable being myself around, those that I feel are just plain genuine and real, those that can make me laugh the loudest...just so happen to live a different lifestyle than I do. As a result of that sometimes I find myself on the receiving end of some friendly teasing.

Yesterday I was hanging out with some of my old class friends (I don't like my new class..there I said it!) like the good old days. One of the guys announced he was going to this club in the city tmorrow and extended the invite. The name couldn't make a difference to me but it generated some excited "oooohhss" from the girls. They were definitely interested in going. So the party pooper that I am I attempted to guilt trip them out of it.

"Hey I thought you said no more party stuff and that you were going to get really serious about school now."

"well yea but ummmm...." friend #1 replied.

"Ok but this is like......where the Kardashians go clubbing!" chimed in Persian Princess.

"Ok fine then....while you guys are out clubbing in the city just think about me. Keep me in mind while you guys are having your fun." I said with a pout.

"Hey hey there...." replied Persian princes

"What do you wanna do then huh? you wanna go to the movies? you wanna go watch a movie then? Let's all go watch a movie" Said the club-invite guy in a mocking nerd-like tone of voice.

"yea wanna go watch Ya Ya Sisterhood or something? Let's all go watch the Ya Ya Sisterhood?" added HotJordanianGuy

"I belive that's out on DVD" said club-invite guy back in his nerdy mocking voice

The movies? hah! as funny as they were.....I should have told them I can do more for fun than just watch movies, I read books sometimes too!


Organica said...

I know how you feel. Recently I was in a similar situation and made fun as usual! In all fairness, they do accommodate me by having dinner first, but I usually distant myself anyways!

asoom said...

Organica, you're right though they always accomadate for you. They know I don't feel comforatble in certain types of environments so when we're doing things in big groups they stick to the PG and maybe PG-13 scenes. That's why I keep them around!

Organica said...

That's good. But after a while I am tired of always being the *special* one and they sometimes do come hard on me.

For example, once one of my friends heard me curse (which I really don't do much of). Now she tells everyone that she has a "MUZLIM" friend who curses.

I hate taking up that role.

Hamza said...

what? you didn't go to the place that the kardashians go to???

LOL, just joking. But you see, I guess for your friends, reading and having a book club is not their idea of fun. :P

Anonymous said...

I was born and brought up in Canada, so I can def. relate to you. Most of my friends in school were non-muslim, and although I didnt wear a hijab at that point in time, my friends knew I didnt drink, smoke or club. Initially it took them time to register this fact, and thus, I used to get teased all the time (all in good fun, of course!). Eventually, they understood completely and even the good-natured teasing came to a halt!

KJ said...

we all have our own versions of fun... i dunno why your friends wanna force clubbing on you!