Friday, August 28, 2009

Ya3ni If only

If only it was possible to be totally anonymous

If only people weren't so curious about your true identity behind that blogger alias

If only I could be assured that noone I personally know will ever stumble upon my blog and think it's me.

I would have like such a kickass blog right now.

It would be like the arab-american muslim version of sex and the city.

If only I can freely talk about my experience, the experiences we all relate to growing up Muslimah and american, the thoughts we'd never want our babas to know about...the contradicting conclusions about our existence we've come up with....all those time you've had to ask Allah (swt) desperately for forgiveness or pray for some serious strength. I'd blog about all of that and it would be a pretty kickass blog.

Our experience is unique and our story needs to be heard. Unfortunately I'm not going to be the one to tell it.

Ya3ni...if only there actually was such thing as freedom of speech.


Jaz said...

so right! I wish nobody I knew ready my blog too, and they don't but it would be easy to find

celebral seductress said...

if'll be really nice!

My Getaway said...

I don't know if it will make you feel safer? But for me, I have it where search Engines can't find my blog and I clicked no to adding my blog to the blogger listings.

bella said...

duude...write some password protected posts and give the password to only a few ppl. the rest of your blog can still be open, with the exception of some password protected posts.

problem solved!

and yea, def take your name off search engines. this will keep people you know finding you to a minimum, as they will only get it from word of mouth or if they stumble upon a link to your blog and realize it's you

queenie said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes I want to talk about anything and everything and not have to hide behind an alias.

secratea said...

I totally understand your frustration! I suggest you start a new blog which is totally unlinked to this or the previous one.. shoo 2ooltik?

asoom said...

Jaz...yea samehere. I just think it'd be easy for someone who knows me to know it's me

Celebral, yea really!

mygetaway...I thought about that but I want people who are looking for my type of blog ot be able to discover it...just not the people I know lol

Bella, I don't know that soundslike too much complication and then I have to decide who I can let read it and all that's just not possible

Secratea....I'm really really considering doing that but I'm worried that I'll end up investing a lot of time and energy not only into the blog but into coming up with methods of ensuring my anonymity and all