Friday, August 7, 2009

Thinking about getting the Blackberry Storm?

I just got the blackberry storm 2 days ago after my Samsung PDA Of 3 years decided it doesn't want to serve me anymore. Despite the not-so-hot reviews users gave it on amazon and other sites, I love mine!

I think that since I got used to using a touchscreen I didn't find this blackberry non-user-friendly which is what most people say about it, I definitely didn't want to go back to pressing buttons but if that's what you're used to than you might not like it. The free applications are useful, the screen is really clear, the keyboard buttons and icons are big enough for me, and I found that it's very easy and convenient to check and send emails. I've heard the iphone is a lot easier to navigate; I don't have too much experience with the iphone so I can't comment there. All I know is that I'm more than satisfied with my selection!

Ok I have to admit it wasn't complete smooth sailing, I've been unable to send text messages but that's actually more of a verizon network problem than it is a blackberry problem. Also general web browsing is slow and probably not too practical to use, but that's the case with the iphone as well. Hopefully I won't be getting too distracted in class!


Organica said...

Oh boy! Sounds great. I just love my iPhone though but I so hate that everyone sorta has it now.

TLEE said...

it's a good phone. Just remember to turn off your apps when you are not using them to free up memory....

asoom said...

organica, isn't there a newer one can upgrade!

Tlee....hmm how doyou do that?

TLEE said...

Hold onto the button that looks like the Blackberry logo for 2 seconds.

Your applications will pop up in a scroll bar.

Click on the one you are currently not using.

This will open that application. Click again on the Blackberry logo key to bring up the menu, and then scroll to Exit or Close.

For some apps, the button to turn an application off, is either Close or Exit... while the other option just puts the app on standby.

You'll see what I mean. I hope ther will be an more elegant way of doing this in the new software upgrade!