Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's the feeling I'm overwhelmed with at the moment. I got here this morning, to college town. It was a 15 hour drive punctuated with a dinner date with an old friend and spending the night at Randy's grandparents home (she's visiting them) on the way.

Leaving home was really really hard for me. Harder than it ever was. Normally I'm optomistic and excited, but it wasn't like that this time. I was so sad and I still am. I've had a constant lump in my throat for like 4 days straight. Angela texted me on the way and I had to exercise restraint to not cry. I already miss everyone so much.

It might be different this time because I'm not here under the best circumstances which I don't feel like getting into right now. Maybe it's different because I'm tired physically from working and I didn't quit early enough to give myself a break before school starts. It could also be different because of things that happened in my life the past month or so that I haven't properly recovered from. However think the biggest reason why things were different because this time when I came to leave I felt like my family really needed me to be at home. My mom needs me to keep her sane and calm, my sister needs me to be her friend at this stage of life, my brother needs me to keep him in check, and my dad needs my constant reassurances.

Now I'm bymyself. I'm crashing at a friends place because my apartment is not yet ready, she's out clubbing with some other friends which is an extracurricular activity I haven't adopted (and never will). My ex-roomates who I was friends with no longer live here. 2 of my close friends from last year graduated. Another handful aren't in town yet. I have noone else to call that can be here for me right now. So I'm by myself and instead of picking out my outfit for tomorrow's orientation, organizing my papers, and making my list of things to do-I just want to bury my head into a pillow and cry. I can't help this sadness that's overcome me.


Organica said...

With hardship comes ease.

Goofy Girl said...

That sounds hard :( I hope that friends come back soon - and you're able to spend lots of time one the phone with your family. :)

Fanatsia Lillith said...

My mother once told me it is never my job to care for others but myself. To not insult her with my thinking she could not be her own person. Perhaps there was truth in that for all of us. Loneliness is tough. But it will pass. It will. If it has not already.

asoom said...

Organica....and it did!

Goofy, thanks.......but time is limited so not even the phone is sufficient these days. I'm sure you understand what it wa slike your first 2 yrs ofmed school.

Fantasia, you're'll pass. It always does!