Friday, February 6, 2009

"OH MY GOD I'm Gonna Throw Up!"

"No asoom you're not gonna throw up"
"Oh my god I'm gonna throw up"
"NO ASOOM you're not gonna throw up"
"Oh my god I'm gonna throw up"

I always wish I could video record or at least have a camera handy during training sessions with my workout group so that we can amuse ourselves after. Someone always trips, loses balance on the ball, slams the jump rope into a water fountain, runs down the stairs after the medicine ball before it knocks out an innocent bystander, or someone's pants rip after the 50th squat and it sounds like a fart.

Last week our trainer forced us to do some running sequences around the basketball court WHILE the team was practicing. "Uh Uh, No way. We know some of those guys." we insisted with our hands defiantly crossed against our chests....."trust me girls they're ugly AND dorky". She dragged us and 2 minutes later we were running around them.

I've been doing this for 6 months now but I have new group. Although we have a former althlete and a skinny girl, I'm the veteran so my trainer always challenges me more by having me do more reps or carry heavier weights. Today I swore up and down that I'm going to throw up after she had me do lunges on the 4th flight of stairs skipping steps and carrying an 8lb medicine ball over my head.

There was a growing chorus of people behind me telling me I wasn't and I turned around to see a couple of people from my program who were watching me. I barely even talk to these girls so I was amused that they even knew my name. The more I repeated the more people joined them yelling at me, including my trainer. I thought the whole thing was so funny that I had an audience so I forgot the pain and just kept dragging it on. "YES I am I'm throwing up RIGHT NOW"......"NO YOU'RE NOT"


His Sweetheart said...

I swear I could picture you lol

kinzi said...

Assomeh, good for you staying fit! so did you throw up? ;)

KJ said...

Yes please do take a video of yourself throwing up next time! I have a sort of fetish for vomit!

Hamza said...

loooooooool @ audience.

You might have been the talk of the campus for quiet some time. ;). hehehe

asoom said...

His, yea it was hilarious

Kinzi, no I didn't actually but I probably would have if she made me continue...oohhh that would have been really embarassing

KJ, lol I didn't actually throw up but I'll keep that in mind

Hamza, well I know that I got some business for my trainer because the 2 girls watching me walked over to her and inquired about her schedule and prices after my little drama caught their attention.