Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On too much internet socializing

Excerpt from the book I'm currently reading:

"....People whose primary source of social interaction is their computer-people who prefer to interact intimately with people in a virtual world instead of in the real world-almost always have a fear of intimacy. They feel safest socializing from a distance, watching others interact, or engaging in online relationships that never leave cyberspace, with their true identities always cloacked in anonymity."

During the times that I was really active blogger, I did feel like it was taking me away from the real world so I set some boundaries. As a result of my experience, I started wondering about those that have a well-established online social identity or those that invest a lot of time and energy into virtual social interaction. I don't care what anyone says-if you spend a lot of time online then you're spending less time in the real world and vice versa....and this isn't to say that those who have an online life don't have a real life or the other way around.

In reality, all of us as bloggers have both to varying degrees. But what is it that makes one prefer the virtual world over the real world? I mean literally spending more time socializing online than the real world. Is it indicative of a social akwardness? Could it be a matter of convenience? Or as my book states, it's "almost always" a fear of intimacy?


Goofy Girl said...

I think blogs let us into people in a different way than we might normally, especially since most people don't post about the boring mundane things but the more interesting aspects of their lives.

KJ said...

I don't think it is a fear of intimacy, but rather that in the places we live in we rarely can find decent people to befriend, and online there is greater access

Hamza said...

*giggles at KJ*

suha said...

Hey!! It's been a while since I have checked this thing. I see you are reading eclipse my sister just started reading it last night, I have to wait till she's done with it...
Anyways I don't care what people say blogging is fun, I started it this summer because my friends were sick of hearing my opinions and little theories, I found it much easier to share it online to strangers who somehow seemd more receptive and appreciative than my asswiper friends lol

So this could sound immature but people who criticize bloggers are just jelous cause they dont have an interesting blog.. Shove it in their FACES bwahaha
Also I'd rather hang with an uber-cool blogger anyday, anyone who has the guts to express thier offbeat opinions to the world is worthwhile!!

Iman said...

Hi there!
I've addressed something similar to topic sometime ago on my blog...


and http://iman-a.com/2007/01/07/friends/

if you have time, read through it :)