Monday, February 8, 2010

someone pinch me I think THE SAINTS WON!

One of the happiest moments of our lives. The most watched event in TV history ever.

Although the whole world, every celebrity, apparently the Vatican, and all their mamas was rooting for Saints to win it, people didn't really think they actually could. "I'm happy for New Orleans but let's be real for a second. We all know they're not going to win. Manning is a machine!" I heard on my morning radio program just a couple of days before the big game.
They started off rough 0-10 colts before the Saints scored their first points. They finished off Manning and his teammates 31-17. WHO DAT SAYIN DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!

I will remain in a state of highly exaggerated euphoria for a longgggg time. I'm on top of the world!


Maher said...

Saints are a heck of a team! i dont know if u noticed this but i believe that one of the main reasons that the saints won was their coach!

Congratz big time :>

PS : its true u beat Farve and manning but u wont beat CUTLER :P
congratz again :>

asoom said...

Maher.... thank you kteer. I don't think you can imagine how crazy I went. 2 days after I calmed down I baked cookies made from scratch for everyone in my class (like more than 100 people) with "WHO DAT" written on coming soon!

I suggest you revive your blog in honor of the Saints just so you can post about how much of a great team they are!

Cutler's got nothing on us this season dude....noone does cause we're on top of the world right now!