Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bringing New Orleans to Miami: WHO DAT!

I love my team. I'm so proud of them. This is our very first Super Bowl and I got to be part of history as Miami was transformed into New Orleans for the weekend.

The magnitude of what the New Orleans Saints Victory over the Minnesota Vikings to become the NFC champions and make it to the Super Bowl is something that non-Saints fans may not understand. This is more than just a game. It's a symbol of resilience, recovery, and revival. The victories of this team brought inspiration and joy to a beat down city. It created an attitude of "if they can do it, so can we!"

I just feel sorry for the Indianapolis Colts and their fans right now that they have to be our contendors. Saints fans from all over poured into Miami outnumbering the Colts fans 10-to-1 easily....a South Beach business owner was quoted as saying it seems more like 100-to-1. No other NFL team has a culture like that of the Who Dat Nation (collective term for Saints fans). This is being called the least-neutral Super Bowl in history. Not even President Obama, Katie Couric, or Carrie Underwood who will be singing the nathional anthem at the game could hide their partialism for the New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl tonight!



Maher said...

Def with the Saints tonight!
I love What Brees does before the Game!
1 win 2 Win 3 win WIN WIN WIN!!
Brees is da man, after Cutler ofcourse hehe! Goodluck tonight!
hopefully we will celebrate inshallah!

PS ::any team who beats Favre is a team a like! WHO DAT WHO DAT!

kinzi said...

Yahoo, Saints!!!

My son stayed up all night with a bunch of buddies to watch this game, sortof a rite-of-passage ritual for US expats. :)

asoom said... made a good choice my what do you have to say about my team now? we don't just beat favre, we beat manning too!

Kinzi, I'm so happy to hear that your son's rite of passage super bowl was this one! Like me he'll probably remember it forever!