Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not the best looking, but the best tasting FATOUSH!

I don't know why my fatoush isn't photogenic. Trust me, it was like amazing! Probably the best I had and this is coming from a salad-a-holic. I've been making this regularly like 3 times a week since I first made it a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you guys for your suggestions on my previous fatoush post. I cut up the typical vegetables (no onions for me though. Romein NOT iceberg lettuce) along with avocado cubes. In a separate bowl I mixed the following:

fresh lemon juice
chopped garlic
chopped fresh mint
fresh thyme (za3tar)
olive oil

I mixed this dressing mixture with my veggies. Then I mixed in just a little bit of goat cheese. Then when ready to eat I topped it off with the Whole Foods pita chips. Not the kind in a bag with the rest of the chips, but the kind they sell in the plastic container in the bakery section.



Anonymous said...

for a minute there i thought it was a cesar salad tehehehehe, next time ill read first before drooling at the picture

asoom said...

meli....fatoush trumps caesar salad anyday!!!!!

melicieuse said...

i agree Cesar salad is one of my least fave while fatoush mmmmm id have it every day at all meals. just the bread in the picture made me think of the Cesar

nido said...

ohhhh i want to have some right now!!
sa7tain o hana...
it's interesting that you add avocados and goat cheese to fattoush!
I should try it sometime...soon soon:D

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Ramadan, I dunno why we only make it on Ramadans