Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the lookout for FATOUSH recipe suggestions!

Ok people. I'm always craving fattoush and that is resulting in frequent trips to the nearest middle eastern restaurant about 15 minutes away. However, I realized I've been spending way too much money on eating out and I need to make my own fattoush!

Mind you I actually do make a pretty good fattoush, but it's not authentic fatoosh it's actually quite americanized. Basically what are the best herbs and spices to add to fatoush and in what form (dry? fresh?)? I google recipes and I get frustrated with the variation...I just want someone to tell me what's BEST to use!

Also how do you make lemon work when adding to salads? Everytime I add lemon juice (even if freshly squeezed) it just taste I'm eating lemons! I can't get it to mesh and blend well with salad. Do you have to do something to it first and not just add it straight on to the salad like you would with dressing?

Inspire me! Maybe I can have a bowl ready this evening to share with my study group.


jaraad said...

Although it looks like a salad dish, Fatoush is not easy to make. I tried myself an failed. Anyway, I know fresh mint makes a difference in this magical dish.
For the lemon juice trick squeeze the lemon in a cup add salt so it dissolve with the juice and then drizzle over the salad. I learned this from the Food network :)

Congrats for New Orleans Saints!

nido said...

mabrook to the saints first! I slept during the game but you can't blame me, I don't know anything about american football :p

as for the dad makes the best.
he makes the dressing first, lemon, minced fresh mint,some dry thyme, salt, a little bit of garlic and lots of olive oil...and then he soaks the fresh bread squares in the dressing!! and once the salad is ready to serve, he mixes the bread with the veggies :)
I feel like eating fattoush now... Right now!!

please make sure you tell us about the best fattoush once you have some ;)

Anonymous said...

ya ammoura, I usually start by mashing garlic in the bowl that I will use for the salad. Add a bit of salt and lemon juice. Put a little because you can always adjust to your taste later.From experience, nothing can fix a salty, lemony fattoush!! Put aside while you cut the veggies: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper and radishes. Mix with the garlic, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle dry mint. I like my bread toasted and crunchy.

I have tried once fattoush with red vinegar instead of lemon and it wasn't bad at all.
sa7tein asoom :)

asoom said...

Thank you guys so much for the recipes....I ended up making the best fattoush ever that same night. It was sooo good that I repeated it today.

I'll be posting on it soon...and of course thanks for the Saints mabrooks!!!