Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Surviving doctor school: Just say no to the party!

Unless you're in professional school (medical/dental/optometry/pharm/law..etc) you're just not going to understand why I have to say no to everything and seclude myself from people and activity. It's not just about this one dinner, going to that one restaurant, watching that one movie, spending this one weekend home...."what's the the big deal asoom?"...........people just don't fucking understand!!!!!

Succeeding in these types of programs is very much an emotional process as much as it is mental and physical. Many times I really can't be around people (especially certain types). I can't just hang out and be adventurous and spontaneous like I used to. I can't put myself in situations where I might get pissed off at someone, annoyed at something, too excited, too tired....etc. It's cool to give myself a break but I have exams on a weekly basis and I have to stay focused. My mind can't wander too far away.

I'm always on the border grade-wise and I've had to learn the hard way that a really fun weekend could also result in going from a barely passing to to a failing average in a class. There's a reason why it's so hard to get into such programs; it's simply not cut out for the vast majority of people. In the battle to just keep up you could turn into a crazy psycho person who no longer eats and sleeps.'s really that bad!

It sucks when you're around people that just don't understand it and get annoyed at you or think of you as not a very good friend when you just have to say no to the party, even when they claim they totally understand. People just don't get it and I'm so sick I've having to deal with that added pressure of appeasing everyone. It's just not fair!


KJ said...

You also need to be easy on yourself asoom, you can't just only study btw, since you know you would be expecting gatherings you need to schedule your studying so that you have ample time, and probably you can attend outings for an hour or two and come back.

But then again I am not a med student so I wouldn't know

asoom said...

KJ, I feel like though I don't work hard enough especially when I compare myself to many of colleagues. For a lot of people their norm is to be in the library like 6 hours a day and I think I need to start doing that too because my grades area always so borderline.

I'm working hard, but it's not hard enough!