Sunday, November 15, 2009

Am I just in love with love?

Yesterday I went to a comedy show where the opening comedian stated "if you're in a relationship and you're not married or engaged but you're fighting about the small things, end it now!". He went on with with the examples and ha ha ha ha we all laughed, they were pretty funny.

It's funny that I'm now taking relationship advice from a comedian but I started wondering if God had specifically meant for me to receive that message at that moment in time no matter what form it came in. I've been stressed, frustrated, confused and really torn. My mood is up and down.

I've actually been doing a great job of keeping my life under control which is a big improvement in comparison to my past antics when dealing with relationship problems. I've done pretty well on the 1 billion exams I took (well with 1 exception). I've been consistent with the strength training and toning class I've taken up at the gym. I'm keeping my place clean and organized. I'm still making time for friends and going out. I regularly speak to my family. I still take pleasure in life's small things like experimenting with makeup and going shoe shopping.

However if my relationship doesn't improve I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this all up and the cracks are starting to show. When things are good we're happy and there are definitely happy days. When they're not (like right now) it takes its toll. I have trouble sleeping. Focusing is a struggle. Sometimes I tune people out and stare off into space without even realizing it. I've been eating more junk food, and have even been missing some of my prayers. I haven't woken up for fajr in a few days now.

I simply don't know what to do now. What I did know though is last night I wanted a night away from everything. I just wanted a night to have fun with my friends and completely put aside the stress and the drama. I wanted to some freedom just for one night. So here I am anticipating the fun and within the first 5 minutes of the show my issues get propped up in my face: "if.....end it now!"

I still managed to push it back in my mind and have loads of fun last night but around 3 AM when we found ourselves drained of energy and done with all our laughing I decided it was now appropriate to share the irony of what the comedian said and see what my girls thought. "If it's only been like a month and a half and we've had a couple of big fights over small things...." before I could even finish their responses erupted. They all strongly felt that this wasn't a good sign at all. "This is supposed to be the honeymoon phase" one friend added.

Maybe they're just biased because I only share with them things when there's a problem because it's those times when I need to talk. I haven't told them all the sweet amazing things he's done. I haven't told them all the times when he's made me over-the-moon happy. I haven't told them about the times when he says to me exactly the things I need to hear or showers me with endless compliments. I haven't told them about the plans he made and the efforts put in to show me that he's serious about commitment and not wasting my time. I keep these things to myself because it just feels weird to share those details unless specifically asked to do so; I would feel like I'm showing off or being plain tacky.

Maybe now I'm sounding like one of those stupid girls you see on Dr.Phil who constantly makes excuses for her guy's bad behavior and justifies a bad relationship because she just doesn't want to be alone. I always tell girls to not be in love with love and see beyond the desire to just have a guy and rather desire to be in a relationship that's good for you, one that brings you up and not pulls you down. Do I need to listen to my own advice? I'm so confused.

What I do know though is this: my finals are starting in 2 weeks. Life has been treating me pretty well right now. Alhamdulilah I'm in a point in life where I have a lot going for me, and I'm not going to let any guy fuck that up!


diana said...

These relationship things are funny when you think about them, especially when you reach that point when you're unsure if you're doing the right thing by sticking with it. You start thinking of things like "Why am I allowing a person to hurt me, or make me feel like this?" and you question if it's worth it. Do you end it now? Do you suck it up and try again?

I'm tempted to give you advice that I got from a friend, which is to "choose your battles", to fight the ones that matter, but then again, that never really worked for me, either, because I never knew WHICH "battles" to fight. I think the truth is that no one can really give you proper advice on this. There is really no "if x happens, you should end it", because as you said, there are many factors that only you can (over?)analyze.

Good luck, on your exams, on the relationship. I'm going through one of them, and I thought it was interesting that someone else is going through the exact same thing. It's always clearer when you're the outsider looking in.

This confirms what I've always suspected, that when we are in love, we tend to think that what we have is special, and that it makes us different from everyone else. When in fact, when we are in love, we are EXACTLY like everyone else in love.

Organica said...

I will shoot you an email, shortly.

asoom said...

Diana, thank you so much for visiting and for that wonderful comment. I seriously LOVED what you had to say!!! You're right about choosing your battles...but like you said how do you even know which battles to fight?

I love your conclusion about people in love....I'm so going to used that quote!!! it!

Dee said...

One thing you should be sure about is that no one else knows your relationship other than the 2 of you, and i understand fully how your friends will be biased first off cause they're UR friends and secondly cause they don't see the happy times but rather the sad/mad/fighting times... so one thing you should do is make any desicion you wana make on your own, no advice from a friend of yours will be any good. Plus a simple thing you can do since ur exams are coming up is tone it down a bit to make sure that ur studying will be fine and such, just don't be pressured into giving up on a new relationship cause of the fear of anything wrong happening..Good luck with both :)