Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid: A Photo Post!

Can you believe I made it to salat al Eid EARLY? I love to hear the takbeer on Eid morning!

Downtown for some crepes!

Super fresh!

Ed Hardy can do more than just tatto-inspired Tshirts

Who says we're too old for Eid presents?

We happily discovered we had Muslim neighbors who bake things on Eid!

The Saints totally whooped the Eagles. Ya3ni what more can I ask for today?

At some point I had to face reality and remember that I have two semi-killer exams the next day. Needless to say there wasn't very much sleeping that night.

Kul Sana winto salmeen!


Maher said...

didnt expect the saints to beat the eagles. But hey...they are missing Mcnabb, Brees = best QB in the game! How about them Bears ha? Cutler? kinda smells like SuperBowl? :P
Prediction : Jets will give the saints their first lose.
Its either going to be Raves/Giants/Jets/Bears who wins it all! ;)

Maher said...

oh and Happy Eid :P

asoom said...

Maher, Happy Eid to you too

Oh man one of my classmates is like a huge Jets fan and we're already teasing each other about that game in 2 weeks. I'm kind of nervous...then again most people didn't predict the saints win over the eagles and they didn't just win...they totally whooped them.

You're on my side Maher....cheer for the Saints!!!

Noura said...

Kil eid w inti b alf kheir asoom, yen3ad 3leiki bel so77a wel salameh inshallah..

Maher said...

tell your friend that i believe the Jets will go undefeated this year. Sanchez is proving how amazing he is! i like him already, too bad i didnt draft him on my fantasy football team.

Holly smoke, Reggie Bush is getting paid more the DREW!!! WTHH!

asoom said...

Noura...thank you ya habibti!

Maher....I'm not telling him anything dude you're on my side ok!!!! I better not find out you were rooting for the Jets!

FYI... I know that in 2007 Reggie Bush was the highest paid athlete in the NFL. I don't know what the stats are now but I'm sure he's somewhere up there.

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