Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love you my favorite khalti

BUT sorry I'm not accepting your facebook friend request. Nor will I accept your friends requests either. Especially the one who asked me if I consider a marriage proposal from her brother who lives in the blad and speaks minimal English. Seriously why don't you just make my sitti an account while you're at it? It's too much work to block you from viewing certain statuses and from viewing certain albums just in case.

I liked facebook so much better when it was just a college social network.


jaraad said...

I got same request from one of the Amos (not relative). He is mid 50s. Said no twice. This is my second facebook page. I created it because the first one I used to accept everyone. I ended up being friend with every single person who has same last name as mine. This one I am friend with people I personally know and my age.

I don't read about your school adventures any more?

Organica said...

My favorite is when a very old family friends insists that I add him to my account. My question is, why do you want to see my pics, Uncle?

nido said...

What I don't understand is insisting on being added. Some people never quit inviting you no matter how many times you ignore their requests!
Last month I enjoyed deleting 1/3 of my "friends" from my fb :)

Anonymous said...

lool..I hear ur frustration...every one with my last name is adding me..specially those annoying 13 yr olds..and they kinda enjoying seeing what we do and tell everybody about it!

KJ said...

I hate it when family members ask to be friend on FB! I don't reject so they don't ask again, they remain hanging in limbo

Anonymous said...

Yo Asoom ! wenek ?

Waed =)