Thursday, March 11, 2010

on brain farts and such

I'm having the biggest brain fart right now. I'm done! that's it neuroanatomy will not stick. It's really frustrating to realize how limited your human mental capacity actually is. The final is Friday and I have borderline grade. I pretty much have to pass the exam to pass the class, but my brain kind of decided to shut down. It's probably my protective survival instant that's kicked in...."hibernate" or "explode".

A person can only take so much before things start to crack. Quotes like "impossible is nothing" and "where there's a will there's a way"are such lies. Clearly those authors didn't go to med school.

I went from being a ball of walking panic to "I don't give 2 ishs" mode. I'M DONE!
I miss having a life.


Dee said...

:s i hate when such things happpen..i say take a do off and go out do whatever you want and then get back to it the next day.. good luck..

Waed S. said...

wak I am doing neuro too =D
bs e7em ,I am loving it ! It is really cool and it makes sense though I agree it kinda is a lot to digest but the anatomy is neat ,the physiology kicks a$$ ! man I <3 CNS lol

Good luck girl !

Organica said...

Update? How'd it go?

And, yes, I do get those moments too that I just give up and can't do anymore.

You are human :)

Dino$ said...

i think we all experience these moments at some time in our life.. we get brain farts.. real farts and wait till ur prgennat.. fart= constant lol

:P share too much?

thansk for passing by my blog

thanks to me ur post is now smelly

Anonymous said...

bi3een Allah...Good luck to you and all Med students out's not a picnic that's for sure...I think u can do it insha2allah

asoom said...

Dee, yea I wish I can take a day off...I can take like an hour off!

Waed, thank god NO MORE NEURO for me!

Organica....I totally passed..not with the best grade but my final grade is a good 7 percents above the midterm grade so definite improvement

Dino LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Thanks for adding to the list of why I don't want kids

Hamdan, thanks for believing in me!