Saturday, January 23, 2010

A little bit of what I've been up to lately

So everytime I want to resume blogging I decide there's too much going on and don't know where to start. Then I get overwhelmed with deciding what topic to blog about and decide "efff this". So I decide to do some micro-blogging for those that still take interest in this blog.

1) This semester is raping me. 23 credits, 11 classes. Literally speaking school is my life 90% of the time. I take comfort in telling myself that one day it'll all be worth it and that I'm taking my expanding ass to Costa Rica for Spring Break.

2) I paid what felt like a million dollars to attend a Saints game-my first and only of this season. I decided it was worth it considering the amazing season they've had and that was something I wanted to be part of. They lost that day to like the worst team ever. The best team in the NFC loses to the worst team in the NFC and coincidentally this has to happen on the one game I could attend. The arab in me wanted to rip the chair off the ground it was attached to and toss it down below.

3) Randy came to visit. Ever since her divorce to butt-face she's definitely been making some serious changes in herself. She's not so much that materialistic diva I grew up with. Regardless of that we spent her time here going to some of the most exclusive spas and eating out at some famous restaurants.

4) I'm renting a really nice condo, in a really nice building, in a trendy hip part of town. We just got served papers that our place is going into foreclosure. I don't understand what these landlords are doing with our rent money if they're not paying their mortgages!

5) MTV's The Jersey Shore has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures. A couple weeks ago I was out with a friend and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I couldn't hold it anymore so I ran to the closest restaurant and guess who I sighted there? Snookie!

6) Socially speaking things have been weird. I've been losing ties to some of my closest colleagues. This is mostly due to the fact that clubbing and drinking is not something I do and that they have found shopping, eating out, hookah cafes, and the movies to become less exciting. I also feel pretty disconnected with the arab/muslim crowd of my class. For the most part it's a group of fake, insecure people who try too hard to fit in. Actually my new class is largely like that. It's like go back to high school people!

7) Things in the love department however have been going great. Allahu a3lam though. I try not to over-analyze, obsess over everything, and have all kinds of demands and expectations like I used to. We've successfully worked through some rough patches and were able to come out of them with greater admiration, respect, and understanding for the other. Whatever is meant to happen will happen and for right now I'm very content with the way things are.

8) One of my greatest fears in life came true. A person that is very dear to me admitted to me recently that around a year ago she had discovered my blog (the old one actually). She was able to easily figure out it was me and to also easily figure out where I was talking about her. She was hurt about some of what I said and thought I was a "complete bitch". She made the decision to not tell me about it then.


kinzi said...

Hi Asoom, you've been missed! Why on earth are you taking so many classes? Is that a dumb question :D ?

Girl, with no buffer/margin, I will pray you survive!!!

asoom said...

KINZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! So excited to see your comment on my post!!!!!!!!

As for's not my choice. That's just how the first 2 years of pre-professional health school is. I'm just praying that I make it through. I feel like I've dug myself into a deep hole already and the new semester just started.

Hamza said...

nice post.

you beat my record of 21 credits. All I can say is..


Organica said...

Aww :)

I was just about to email to check on you. I am very happy to hear these updates! Alhumdulilah


asoom said...

Hamza, lol it's not my choice this is just how my program is. So if you willingly took up 21 credits than you're the nerd!

Organica, thank you ya 7ilwa :)

kinzi said...

ASOOOOOMEH!! I was so excited to see yours.

Here's another one. :)

I figured that may be it. I guess it is like boot-camp for medical professionals.